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As a boarding arts high school, we give our artists an exceptional pre-professional education, and we also recognize their art is just the beginning of who they will become–and what they will do– as Citizen Artists.

Ƶ commencement.

Ƶ Arts emboldens and cultivates the artist as:

An Interdisciplinary Thinker

Master teachers guide the practice of creativity and connectivity within and across all subject areas, instilling in students a well-honed and nuanced ability to think critically and holistically and to problem-solve with agility and imagination.

When I was in college, my classes were unrelated to one another but informed each other, and that’s the interdisciplinary curriculum at Ƶ Arts. There are a lot of crossed paths in my life and my thinking, and my work thrives because of that.

A student working with wires.

An Individual

Ƶ’s intimate size, scale, and deliberately secluded location provides a sanctuary for self-discovery, maintaining the space for students to undertake the journey of self-recognition, while nurturing their independence and originality.

This is a place where anyone can be themselves.

A cellist playing cello outside.

A Partner

Ƶ Arts actively curates an environment promoting collaboration over competition to move beyond mere conservatory prep. At Ƶ Arts, each student is uplifted and supported by their peers and expected to do the same in return.

Ƶ Arts is a community that supports not just what the teachers are doing, but every single student. Every single day in every way. I’ve never been a part of something like this before. It really is extraordinary.

Faculty Member
Two dancers.

A Citizen

As an international, multicultural community representative of authentic and multilayered diversity, Ƶ members engage in the earnest dialogues about identity that prove integral to becoming both world-focused citizens and their fuller selves.

My child is becoming a citizen of the world–all discovered at Ƶ Arts on a mountaintop.

Four students.

An Apprentice to Nature

Inspired by the Cahuilla land on which the community dwells, Ƶ Arts embraces the sacredness of all spaces, both within and without. All members respect and seek the human-nature relationship daily as one rich in lessons and vital to personal and societal evolution.

The ever-presence of nature is a driving force for so many lessons. It’s grounding. It’s connection. It’s a part of understanding our human purpose.

Faculty Member
A student using an iPad outside.
Ƶ landscape.

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